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Communicating Vessels

Communicating vessels

Animation showing the filling of communicating vessels

Communicating vessels is a system of containers filled with a homogeneous fluid, connected at the base and subjected to the same atmospheric pressure. When the liquid settles, it balances out to the same level in all of the containers regardless of their shape and volume. If additional liquid is added to one vessel, a new equal level will be established in all the connected vessels. This process is part of Stevin’s Law and occurs because gravity and pressure are constant in each vessel (hydrostatic pressure).

Communicating Vessels is the theme for Well of Musing philanthropy. The receiving Vessel of this Well shall, in turn, be directed to feed and support All connected group vessels, and individual Vessels in its membership (equally divided in its distribution.)

Members (Vessels) of the Well of Musing receive individual support distributed in equal portion to all members. All donations will be used to bring needed financial flow of support funding to All the Vessels connected to the Well of Musing.

This foothold has been founded and is run by Marla Blanche. If you wish to connect your Creative Vessel to receive funding from the Well of Musing, just send an email to Marla Blanche that informs of your uniquely authentic story (about what you are actively bringing to the collective table to promote collective harmony.) She looks for members that understand and actively work toward greater humanity, and those who work to promote deeply connected harmony with the natural world. Well of Musing is a resource- full grass-roots collective of connected members, that actively contributes to grow and maintain a diverse harmonious thriving sustainable community, through supported projects and lifestyles.

The Well of Musing Supports Theatrical Stage Technicans ,Visual and Performing Artists, and Light Bringers. You can donate once, monthly, or yearly.

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